Don’t enter your password on an untrusted computer.

A password is only as secure as the computer or network it is used on.

Bad Guys target public kiosk-type computers and wireless networks, such as those in Internet cafes, conference centers, hotels and motels, and airports. The instant you type your password on a computer that is infected or rigged, or on one using a compromised wireless network, the Bad Guy has got that password for good. This is one reason why you should change your passwords on a schedule, and never reuse a password on several computers or systems. Regard all public-use computers as untrustworthy. If you have no choice but to use a public computer, change your password before you log off or at the next available opportunity. May 3, 2013
Use Outlook? Use the Auto-Preview, not the Reading Pane If you are using an older version of Outlook, or if you have managed to reset the security level for e-mails, then you may be at some risk for HTML script-based exploits. Auto-Preview displays the first three lines of the message, enough to identify whether the message is valid, and it displays faster. Here is how to use it.
Disable the Reading Pane and Enable Auto Preview: Open Outlook. Choose View -

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